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Features like Live-monitoring allows you to save a list of products that HawkScanner will constantly check against the FDA’s compliance databse. You will be alerted if a product is flagged or there are any changes since the last time you checked.

Search History

Reanalyze previous searches without having to remember and type in long, cumbersome chemical names.

Product Snapshots

Save groups of ingredients or recent searches as “snapshots” for frequent searching, categorizing, or live monitoring.

Live Monitoring

We’ll continously ping updates on your saved snapshots and you’ll receive a scheduled notification with your search results.

Simple and Secure.

Our simple click-and-search interface allows for quick and easy product compliance checking, without the need for any additional training. Our color-cordinated product specifications allow for easy read search results.

  •  Realtime Results
  •  Click and Search
  •  Secure Connection

FDA-Supported Database

Our database is a direct implementation of the FDA’s ingredient database. Learn more about how we work with the FDA to keep our database up-to-date by visiting our FAQ.


  •  Database updated weekly
  •  Supported by the FDA
  •  Live-monitor your saved searches

Simple & Affordable Pricing.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both small companies and large corporations. Select the right plan that suits you.

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FDA Targets Supplements Claiming to Cure Diabetes

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Be Aware of Dietary Supplement Knockoffs

Be Aware of Dietary Supplement Knockoffs

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The Dos and Don’ts of Supplement Labeling

The Dos and Don’ts of Supplement Labeling

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